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Many Business Site are Not Mobile Friendly April 15, 2015

I saw somewhere that 30% of the Top 100 sites for any search is mobile friendly. That is an astonishing number and can only mean that webmasters and business owners are not aware the change to how Google ranks mobile sites. From April 2015, Google will actively let users know which sites a mobile friendly, and this will hurt your rankings ans conversions.

The very first thing you need to do is check to see if your site means the mobile friendly criteria; then next is to check on your conversions. If a user’s searches for a product or service on their phones or mobile device then it unlikely that your website will show up in the rankings after this date. Let’s be clear, it is now a ranking factor as far as Google are concerned, and you can’t really blame them. Mobile search has taken over desktop and the search engines are reacting or preparing for this.

You can find good YouTube tutorials on making your site mobile friendly but it’s best to hire an expert like an SEO consultant or use a small digital marketing agency if you have a bigger site. If you use a responsive theme in WordPress, then check to make sure it is mobile friendly because being responsive doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to be good for mobile devices. You can check out this SEO London consultant on Slideshare or use Twitter to get a simple quote on converting your site to a mobile friendly one.

Mobile is a big factor and is not going away, so make sure you have all your web properties checked by an expert so that you do not lose customers to your rivals or competitors. You can find SEO experts here:


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